Who we are

E-Web Marketing is a digital marketing agency helping Australian businesses discover profitable opportunities online.

Founded in 1998 by our CEO Gary Ng in Sydney, the company has evolved (and continues to evolve) with the nature of the web to provide holistic online marketing solutions, including:

    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Pay-per-click (PPC) Management
    • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
    • Content Writing & Marketing
    • Web Traffic Optimisation (WTO)
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Call Tracking
    • Google Places Optimisation

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What we stand for

Our company vision

We exist to bring Happiness, Success and Fun to everyone we encounter. We are E-Web Marketing.

This is our company vision and what we stand for.

Our commitment to Happiness, Success, and Fun (HSF) is the cornerstone of our Company Vision and Core Values. It is what motivates us to get out of bed in the morning and give our best with everything we do.

Our company mission

We’re passionate about sharing the HSF experience by living and breathing our core values. We provide expert digital marketing education to our clients and anyone looking to grow their business through a process that is fun, social, transparent and easy to understand.

Our core values

1. Act with Integrity

    • We will say what we believe and do what we say.
    • We are accountable for delivering on our individual, team and company commitments.
    • We expect integrity from every E-Webber and do not tolerate anything less.
    • We expect integrity from our clients, suppliers, partners and others who do business with us.
    • We do not make money at the expense of our Core Values.


2. Be Passionate About Learning

    • We apply curiosity to our daily dealings and seek a broad knowledge in the areas of Online and Business.
    • We adopt rapid change as a mindset so we are open and flexible to the changes that occur in a growing company and an evolving industry.
    • We understand that coaching is a gift that we give to each other. Whether it is the way we do our work, or the work we do together, the feedback needs to flow in all directions. Coaching can’t be an ego trip.
    • We will set ambitious goals, stretch to meet them, and then “raise the bar” again and again. We believe that everything can be done better, faster and more effectively in a learning environment.
    • We accept the responsibility to share experiences, knowledge and ideas to foster greater communication, interaction and growth within the organisation.


3. Commit to Excellence

    • We demand, celebrate and reward excellence.
    • We achieve system excellence through application of the rules of our system.
    • We challenge the status quo and look for opportunities to make breakthrough innovations in products, processes and services.
    • We inspire others with our passion and determination for excellence.
    • We celebrate wins and care intensively about E-Web’s success.
    • We are not afraid to make mistakes, so long as we can learn from them and move forward.
    • We know that our contributions to the success of the company will lead to future rewards.


4. Create Raving Fans

    • We deeply understand our customers’ needs and consistently meet or exceed them.
    • We build strong long-term client relationships at all levels and treat them as a member of the E-Web family.
    • We work together, across organisational boundaries, to meet the needs of our clients.
    • We are the leader in our chosen market segments.


5. Build a Positive Team

    • We are here at E-Web on a journey to pursue Happiness, Success and Fun. We focus on the positives of our experiences and appreciate the opportunity to grow from challenges we face each day.
    • We are polite, considerate and thoughtful of others.
    • We seek to understand each other’s ideas and perspectives.
    • We bring a positive influence to people we work with and eliminate any cynicism and negative interactions.
    • We care intensively about growing E-Web’s Vision and understand what role we can play to facilitate this growth.
    • We achieve best results through team work.


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Our guarantee

It is this following commitment to you, whether you are a client, partner, supplier or employee of E-Web Marketing:

At E-Web Marketing, we guarantee that you will only be working with people who care about your Happiness, Success and Fun.

Furthermore, we guarantee that all our interactions with you will be guided by our Core Values, as well as the following set of team standards:

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          • Seek constant feedback from our staff, clients, partners and suppliers on their experiences in dealing with E-Web
          • Set out a plan for at least 3 months ahead to ensure we are progressing in attaining growth and success
          • Treat our peers and clients with respect, and do our best to address and resolve any concerns that are raised


If you ever find that our actions are not consistent with someone who cares about your HSF, let us know. Our CEO or HSF Ambassador will personally contact you within three working days to understand your concerns and we will do everything in our power to make things right, right away.

On top of that, we will make a donation to our affiliated charity on your behalf as a gesture that we care.

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