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5 Simple Tips for Using Videos to Boost Sales

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If a picture says a thousand words, what will a video say?

That’s been a huge factor in the astronomical rise of YouTube, which today is the world’s second largest search engine. Video is transforming the way we use the internet, and as broadband speeds become faster, they will take up much more of our online attention. Rich media like video is becoming the next big thing in conveying information about a product and has been shown to sell more of whatever it is representing. So, the question on my mind today is:

Could video be the next big thing in Conversion Rate Optimisation?

According to Zappos, yes it is. Zappos have begun using video to describe, use and demonstrate their products. The result? Increases in sales between 6 and 30%. It’s also prompted them to aim to create 50,000 videos this year! They’ll need 10 full-time studios just to manage this huge task.

OK, so that’s Zappo’s and they have the money to throw at it, right? Not quite. Zappos didn’t become a multi-billion dollar company by throwing crazy money at whacky ideas. Their video division grew organically from the success of their early efforts. Their first videos used real Zappos employees in simple, low cost “backyard” videos. Once they realized how powerful they were, the company started investing more and more time and effort. Time and effort that has proven to be worthwhile.

So, how can you get started using videos? Here’s a few quick tips:

  • Keep them brief
  • Don’t auto-play
  • Focus on cusomer benefits (remember WIIFY?)
  • Use real employees and reflect your company’s awesome culture
  • Don’t script or storyboard it – remember the 80/20 rule and try and get them done in a single cut

The Takeaway

Video used to be a big deal, but with the broken barriers to video consumption, it’s time for businesses to lower their barriers to adopting video. So start thinking: how can you use cheap, simple videos to improve your brand and conversion rate online?


Dan is an slightly mad and wildly offensive online marketing consultant. He manages campaigns for E-Web Marketing with an irreverent style that inexplicably nets fantastic results. He is obsessed with all things online and can frequently be found blogging about Conversion Rate Optimisation, SEO and whatever random ruminations go through his questionable head.

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