6 Very Simple Ways to Improve Content Readability

6 Very Simple Ways to Improve Content Readability

Have you have just gotten some copy written for your new website or landing page? Are you ready to show it off to the big World Wide Web to get some serious sales? Great! Before you jump into it, however, you should look at the checklist below to make sure you have 6 basic points in place that will make your copy easy to read and ready to convert.



There you have it – 6 basic ways to improve readability and therefore the conversion rate of your copy!

BONUS TIP: A great tool to test how effective your copy is the scroll map within CrazyEgg. This tool measures how far your readers look down a page – you ideally want them to scroll all the way down, this means your copy is engaging and has a greater chance of turning readers into customers.

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  • Steve Hubbard
    Posted at 8:14 am, September 20, 2012

    Awesome Amy, really practical!

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