A More Natural Way to Search?

A More Natural Way to Search?

It’s Wednesday, so that usually means that someone has released a new search engine in an effort to take down Google. As opposed to other less than stellar attempts, this idea attempts to take user’s browsing patterns, and answer their questions.

It should be of no surprise to anyone who has used the Internet that many people searching have a question they need solved.  The way Google answers questions is limited to their indexing abilities: if someone has not asked the same question previously, then it won’t get answered. This is where Professor Stephen Wolfram has tried to address this issue.

His new search engine, dubbed Wolfram Alpha plans to analyse the question that is asked, and research the answer using data stored on servers. The plan behind this is that if someone asks a question like  “how many Superbowls have the Steelers won?”, the question would be analysed for the most important aspects, and the appropriate pages would be served.

If you go to the website, it has a notice that the project will be launching in May 2009. We will keep you posted on whether this is another failed attempt, or whether we actually might have a legitimate “Google killer”.

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