A "Mo"st Excellent Charity

A "Mo"st Excellent Charity

We’re a fun-loving bunch here at E-Web, and whenever there is an opportunity to have fun while raising money for a good cause, we are all over it. You could almost say we put the fun into fund raising!

You may have noticed throughout the month of November, men were spouting strange growths on their upper lips. “Movember” signals the rebirth of the classic moustache- although not currently a fashion trend, in Movember it signals support for research into depression and prostate cancer.

Thanks to the fantastic support of our fellow staff members, clients and supporters, E-Web managed to raise $1256 for the most worthy charities! On top of that, the number of questions from friends/family members of “what is that on your face?” really did raise the profile of the charity, and we feel that you can’t put a dollar value on promotions like that!

The guys around the office are pretty proud of our work in growing some excellent “flavour savers”, so we have decided to put together some photos to display our work in all our glory. Faces have been removed to protect the innocent. When looking at these photos, the most important thing to remember is that our SEO skills are much better than our moustache growing skills!

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