A Search Engine just for Web Designers

A Search Engine just for Web Designers

Thanks to Google’s Custom Search Engines you can now come across a search engine dedicated to almost any niche.  One such gem is Sparkl which is a search engine dedicated to all things web design.

Since the search engine is “powered by Google” (as a lot of things are these days), you may ask what the difference is between searching on Sparkl and searching on Google itself?  Well the difference is that these custom search engines can be configured by their owners to search their own list of specific sites rather than searching the whole web.  The result is a much more targeted set of results as the owner(s) of the customer search engine have hand picked the best of the web for their niche. In the case of Sparkl you will find it indexes the best sites on design and even has a few that Google and Yahoo don’t prioritise in their normal search results.

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