Ads on iGoogle Coming in June

Ads on iGoogle Coming in June

As posted by Stephen Shankland, Google are preparing to overhaul the iGoogle interface to integrate ads under iGoogle’s “canvas view”. This opens the window for the canvas view to be monetized with ads. Not everyone will be able to advertise on this new arena, and certain types of ads will not be allowed. Which type of ads are unknown at this time.

“Ads will be limited to the canvas view only and certain types of ads will not be allowed. Developers are free to use any ad provider,” said iGoogle senior product manager Jessica Ewing in a statement. To maintain the best user experience, we plan on surveying users to determine how ads impact user satisfaction. Poor user ratings and reviews may impact a gadget’s viral features, ranking, and directory listing.

Worried about accidentally clicking on an ad? Don’t worry, Google will be taking measures to ensure that ads are not inadvertently clicked on by not allowing ads to appear in the home view (small gadget view) as the space is limited. The possible revenue generate on iGoogle ads will be interesting to see, as the users of iGoogle are much more aware of sponsored ads than a typical Google user.

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