All About Google Penalties

All About Google Penalties

Ever wondered what sort of Google penalties are there? What are the major penalties?

When Google penalizes you, most likely you will see a major drop in rankings. By how much will they drop your ranking? Well that depends on how serious you been spamming your website. For serious spammers, Google will ban these sites and remove them entirely from the search index.

The two major penalties are listed below:

-30 penalty
A penalty that affects the whole domain and decreases a website’s ranking positions by 30 places. These are websites that have been part of guestbook spamming, use of inappropriate redirect instead of the 301 redirect and/or uses doorway pages.

-950 penalty
Unlike -30 penalty, this penalty only affects specific URLs for specific keywords. However the -950 penalty is the most severe one. Penalised websites will be dropped to the last page on Google. This penalty is known as “An end results” phenomenon. Websites that do not pick up their act will then be wiped off Google’s index and ones that have ‘cleaned’ their website may recover but in worst case scenario it could take many months to undo the damage caused.

Website that have been hit with a -950 penalty are sites that may have taken part of affiliates linking, aggressive link building and keyword stuffing etc.

So how do you prevent your website being penalised? Well, basically do not take part of any unethical SEO tactics, such as Keyword stuffing, link farming, putting invisible text, use doorway pages which are pages that users cannot see but search engine spiders can.

  • Posted at 9:03 am, May 31, 2009

    This is a good artice.

    I can add one thing, repeat your phrase throughout the content with bold tag around the key phrase. That is sure to penalise you for keyword stuffing. One of overly enthusiastic web designers did this after reading a few SEO blogs and then wondered what happened.

    Many things can go wrong with your link building if spammy techniques are used and for SEO companies this should be a good reason to keep their link building strictly in-house.

  • Ursula
    Posted at 10:11 pm, June 6, 2009

    This is a great article, especially for the newbies to online marketing.

    It is incredible the amount of spammy techniques used for cross marketing purposes and it is no wander the general public have no trust for us online marketers when these tactics are used.

    Im still very new to this arena, perhaps still a bit niave, but so far it’s a good thing that there is some sort of penalties being put in place.

  • Posted at 5:36 pm, April 26, 2011

    Thank you for the info. I had a website drop out of the search results altogether and this was probably the reason. Live and learn.

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