Apple Buys Out Siri

Apple Buys Out Siri

As the technology landscape changes, Apple is attempting to be in the forefront of online media.  In an earlier blog post it was shown that Apple is looking to capture the data from iPhone searches. This may be the first step in the demise of multiple corporations.

Siri creates personal assistant and search apps for mobile devices, a powerful tool in the ever increasing market space.  Rather than searching for an item such as “Movies on in Sydney” natural language is used, as if you were asking a question, “what funny movies are showing in Sydney?”  Acting as an assistant rather than a search engine, Siri will deliver the most relevant results.

This purchase from the technology giant can be seen as a step to undermine Google’s Android devices that have their own search capabilities.  Although the figure for the acquisition is yet to be released, estimtates place this at possibly larger than $100 million.

Siri is a very user friendly application, it includes a voice recognition element, and can even book restaurants for you.  It uses information from a number of online sources to deliver the best results with a personal touch.  Siri has been selected as the most innovative company at Microsoft’s BizSpark conference.

Although this is a very powerful tool in Apple’s umbrella, there is no evidence this trend will continue.  But in reality there is not telling and no stopping where Apple’s future lies.  Search is a growing market that can only open the market for more players.

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