Apple's New Search Engine?

Apple's New Search Engine?

It has been reported that Apple may develop its very own search engine.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster said there is a 70 percent chance Apple will roll out a mobile search engine tailored for its iPhone within the next five years. As the search provider for the iPhone, Google sees what iPhone users are searching for, which can help it tailor software and services for its own mobile smartphones.

Apple understands the data collected daily through the searches conducted on iPhones is extremely valuable and may try to capture this data by forming both map and search products. Google is the default search provider in all iPhones, which has millions of users, and is gaining valuable information from this lucrative deal.

As Google encroaches on Apple’s domain, offering applications, and mobile devices, it may be time for Apple to branch out and capture this information for itself. Although Apple lacks the experience and engineering to build a competitive search engine to rival Google, they may look into alternative options such as buying out smaller entities.

Munster says Apple could buy a search startup with a Web index, such as Cuil or Taptu and use its index as the seed for its own search engine.

Apple may entice local resellers to use the platform to break even. iPhone apps from Google and Bing are still delivering long links, which are undesirable when using mobile screen with little room to view. Which opens the marketing for a touch based mobile search product.

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