Approximately 29% of Web Users Purchase from SPAM

Approximately 29% of Web Users Purchase from SPAM

According to Marshall’s latest research, approximately 29% of internet users confirmed they have purchased products that are advertised through spam. The results from the poll proved that people who have purchased from spam will have made mutiple purchases, on an average, two purchases per person.

Products which are commonly purchased via spam are usually goods which are used to spice up love life and counterfeit luxury goods such as sexual enhancement pills, adult materials, software – mostly are pirated material or knock-off brands.

“The internet provides convenience and a degree of anonymity to people who want to buy illegal or restricted goods. It is a black market and spam has become a conventional means of advertising to a willing audience of millions of people who are purchasing from spam.” -Quoted from a stateent by Marshal’s Bradley Anstis

There are approximatelty 250 million people who are interested in purchasing products through spam. From the perspective of a spammer, it is equivenlent to Japan’s population times two:

“As a spammer – how do you reach that market without knowing specifically who these people are and with the bare minimum of expense? Easy, send lots of emails to everyone,”

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