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Are Your Ads Good Enough to Avoid Skipping?

Are Your Ads Good Enough to Avoid Skipping?

“Skippable” ads are being introduced by YouTube later in the year. This new format will enable users to skip the pre-roll ads that are included within the video, whilst advertisers won’t be charged a cent for skipped ads.  According to Google’s senior product manager, Baljeet Singh.

YouTube began studying skippable ads late last year. “We’ve been playing around with it for the last three quarters and seeing really great results… skip rates varied dramatically based on the quality of the ads.” Mr. Singh said.

Here is an example of an ad playing and the option to skip on the top right hand side of the video.

Skip Youtube Ads

Skip Youtube Ads

YouTube also offers users a choice of ads they can see within a video, particularly in longer videos.

Youtube ad selection

Youtube ad selection

Based on strong data correlating skip rates with ad quality, Google will encourage companies to create higher quality ads suited for their audience and hence improve effectiveness by this user option to skip.

However for the moment, Singh says that YouTube is still “experimenting” with more models for YouTube and its focus is still behind advertising.

How do you think this will impact on your viewing experience?

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