Are Your Employees Damaging or Applauding Your Reputation via Social Media Sites?

Are Your Employees Damaging or Applauding Your Reputation via Social Media Sites?

Businesses really must endure the idea that social media sites are not only for young people and that a large majority of people using online media could be a potential customer. With this in mind, what’s your online reputation like? Are your employees who participate in online media acting ethically when representing and talking about your company?

Online reputation experts say the recent incident involving two Dominos employees un-hygienically handling customers’ food and posting the results on YouTube will force companies to increase their monitoring of social networking sites. It has become apparent that this incident has brought to light the power of social media to rapidly identify and spread information that may be harmful to company’s reputation.These incidents will increase the emphasis on online reputation management, which remains a relatively small industry in Australia

Since the Dominos incident companies worldwide are looking at their online reputation and what they can do to preserve it. Telecommunications giant Telstra has developed a six-demo memo for its employees detailing how they should behave on Twitter and other Social networking sites. Telstra has also ordered that staff must participate in “social media training programs” before they make any claims or comments about the company on these sites. Telstra sees this as an attempt to “update your knowledge on emerging social trends and evolving best practice in social media”.

Keeping this in mind, what online reputation management measures are you taking for your company?

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