Australian Online Ad Revenue to Hit $481 Million in 2008

Australian Online Ad Revenue to Hit $481 Million in 2008

Despite the slowing down of the overall media market, a new report from Frost & Sullivan predicts that Australia’s online ad market will expeience strong growth for at least the next two years and revenues for this year alone are set to exceed $481 million – a 24 percent increase from 2007.

As reported on Computerworld, the market has not been entirely unscathed by the slowdown, as revenues grew less than one percent for the first half of the year. However now back in the swing of things the growth is expected to be strong well into the next year, and why wouldn’t they with the ever increasing awareness of the power of online marketing both for sales and brand awareness. Australia being somewhat behind the USA when it comes to uptake of the latest trends and technologies means there is still plenty of opportunity for strong growth as consumers and advertisers alike become more acustomed to the emerging technology.

Mediums such as integrated content and online video are tipped to be the driving force behind continue growth into the future as advertising models are developed and refined. Newer tactics such as the “choose your own adventure” style YouTube (example of which can be seen below) videos offer up some interesting new opportunities for savvy marketers to leverage the massive traffic that a viral video can generate.

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  • Posted at 3:37 pm, October 19, 2008

    The development of E-business in Australia is 2-4 years behind US. Many Aussie business still not aware of the power of Online market strategy like SEO, specially for the traditional trade/service and manufacture company. But there are more younger company that realized the importance of online ads. and I can see the booming online business next year. Many company have started to make ads on Youtube and many other online media. I believe Youtube will start to charge money for and ads on their site

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