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Changes to AdWords Interface That Will Increase Productivity

by Chris Pittham November 22, 2012 Pay Per Click (PPC)

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of updates to the AdWords interface. These should help to alleviate a number of issues and ultimately improve the ability to effectively run a campaign without the need to resort to the AdWords Editor for all changes. So what are these updates? Shared Campaign Budgets [...]

Dynamic Search Ads for Everyone!

by Chris Pittham October 26, 2012 Pay Per Click (PPC)

Back in October 2011 Google introduced the Dynamic Search Ads beta, of which E-Web Marketing was privileged to be a part.  Yesterday we learned that this feature is being rolled out globally. Great news! So What Are Dynamic Search Ads? With dynamic search ads, Google maintains an up-to-date inventory of your website using its organic web crawling technology. [...]

Enhanced AdWords Site Links Now Available

by Chris Pittham September 21, 2012 Industry News

Way back in February this year, Google announced that AdWords was trialing enhanced paid site links. Ads with site links have been shown to have around a 30% higher CTR than those without, so this was a logical next step. So how do Enhanced Site Links work? Traditional site links appear as shown below. These [...]

Improvements to Google Geo-targeting to Aid Location Based Searches

by Chris Pittham August 31, 2012 Pay Per Click (PPC)

Do you target a large number of location-based keywords in your PPC campaign? If so, recent changes to geo-targeting options in the US may be right up your alley when they hit our shores (watch this space). Post Code Targeting Expanded to Canada In the past it has only been possibly to target users down [...]

New “Flexible Reach” Targeting Available for Google Display Network Campaigns

by Chris Pittham July 18, 2012 Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google has been revamping the AdWords interface over the past several months, with the result that now all Display buying options are accessible from a single place. This change makes managing Display campaigns easier for advertisers in the one place for ease of management. With the aim of getting advertisers to invest more in Display, [...]

Controversial Cookie Regulations Watered Down in the UK

by Chris Pittham May 30, 2012 Industry News
Thumbnail image for Controversial Cookie Regulations Watered Down in the UK

In May 2011 Brussels added amendments to the EU E-Privacy Directive stating that websites be required to gain consent from online users before installing tracking technologies such as cookies on their web browsers. Cookies are a vital part of tracking online advertising campaigns such as Google AdWords and Google Remarketing. Though these regulations were passed [...]

What does Google Instant mean for PPC? (Part 2)

by Chris Pittham September 30, 2010 Pay Per Click (PPC)

With the launch of Instant, Google have undoubtedly changed the search experience and the way users interact with the search queries. So what happens if you’re bidding on a keyword Google suggests? Let’s use an example: Say I am a provider of package holidays and I have been bidding on the keyword ‘holiday’ to generate [...]

What does Google Instant mean for PPC? (Part 1)

by Chris Pittham September 30, 2010 Pay Per Click (PPC)

It is going to be a while before any conclusive stats are generated regarding the effect Google Instant is going to have on PPC and SEM in general. However there are a few trends that are beginning to appear. One of the main changes is how an impression is counted by Google. Impressions are how [...]

Adwords Campaign Experiments Launched In Australia

by Chris Pittham September 16, 2010 Pay Per Click (PPC)

When running an Adwords campaign ongoing testing is an essential process to continuously improve performance. In the past A / B testing has only been possible by manually running combinations of changes over different time periods. This process is inherently flawed by the fact that it was impossible to completely attribute differences in campaign performance [...]

New Keyword Match Type – Broad Match Modifier

by Chris Pittham September 9, 2010 Pay Per Click (PPC)

For a long time advertisers have struggled with the great amount, but potentially low quality traffic associated with ‘Broad Match’ keywords. With the introduction of the ‘Broad Match Modifier’ (BMM) the days of puzzling over a search query report trying to work out the tenuous link between a search that triggered your ad and your [...]

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