Dan Jebamony

Campaign Manager

Dan is an slightly mad and wildly offensive online marketing consultant. He manages campaigns for E-Web Marketing with an irreverent style that inexplicably nets fantastic results. He is obsessed with all things online and can frequently be found blogging about Conversion Rate Optimisation, SEO and whatever random ruminations go through his questionable head.

How to Track Your Online Marketing ROI using UTM Variables

by Dan Jebamony August 13, 2012 Analytics

Do you ever wonder what kind of return, if any, your online marketing is bringing in? You’re not alone. One of the biggest challenges for an enquiry-based business with an online presence is measuring the ROI of their campaigns. It’s easy enough to measure the raw number of enquiries from each medium by using goals [...]

Google Sounds the (False) Alarm

by Dan Jebamony July 26, 2012 SEO

Webmasters worldwide have been waking up* to fresh warnings from Google. These messages report that Google has detected unnatural links pointing to their websites.  The messages can be shocking, particularly to anyone whose business and livelihood depends on Google search traffic. After all, angering the great beast can mean a one-way ride to Davy Jones’ [...]

The SEO Revolution – from Great to Insanely Great

by Dan Jebamony March 1, 2012 SEO

E-Web Marketing has always prided ourselves in delivering a great service to our clients. The world of online search is a challenging field, one that is the lifeblood of many of our clients’ businesses. Given the gravity of what we do, we asked ourselves a big question:   Is a great service good enough?    [...]

The Layman’s Guide to Link Building

by Dan Jebamony January 18, 2012 SEO

Link building – it’s a massive part of SEO and your online marketing agency will no doubt throw the term around on a monthly basis. You know it’s important, but do you really understand how it works? While it is complicated, the good news is that Google’s algorithms treat links according to a set of [...]

What is a Good Conversion Rate?

by Dan Jebamony November 23, 2011 Conversion Optimisation

One of the most overlooked factors when it comes to the success of an online business is how well their websites convert. I have found that the reasons for this are mainly that most decision makers are too focused on simply generating a high quantity of traffic, are ignorant of the possibility of conversion rate [...]

Why E-Web Marketing Hates Long Weekends

by Dan Jebamony October 11, 2011 Company News

E-Web Marketing was recently recognised as Australia’s Best Employer by the ActionCOACH My Business Awards. It was a moment that prompted our CEO Gary Ng to utter the comment “It’s enjoyable for me to turn up at work every day. I hated [last] week because there was a damn long weekend, I didn’t go to [...]

Running an A/B Test

by Dan Jebamony August 24, 2011 Conversion Optimisation

So by now, you know what an A/B test is and how to set one up. The next step is to actually run the beast to get some good, meaningful results. The biggest issue will be obtaining results that are statistically significant. Running the test the right way will ensure you get good info and [...]

How to Design an A/B Test

by Dan Jebamony August 18, 2011 Conversion Optimisation

In last week’s post, I talked about what A/B tests are. This week, I am taking it one step further and breaking down the steps required to design and set up an A/B test. 1. Pick a tool There are a number of tools available to help you with A/B testing: Google Website Optimizer Visual [...]

What is A/B Testing?

by Dan Jebamony August 11, 2011 Conversion Optimisation

You should only have two problems in your life as a website owner- driving visitors to your site and making them buy/enquire more. I’ve covered a lot of research in my previous posts on conversion rate optimisation about different elements that can be tweaked to improve your conversion rate. Applying these changes to your website [...]

Clone the Panda for Online Success

by Dan Jebamony August 3, 2011 Conversion Optimisation

The first Panda update alone changed over 12% of search results. If you’re web traffic has taken a dip in its aftermath, you may have a CEO putting your neck on the block, customers getting frustrated at not finding you or a wife threatening to nullify your pre-nup. You need to get around it, and [...]

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