Gabriela Serrano

Paid Search Marketing Strategist

Gabriela Serrano is one of our most experienced PPC Managers. She has managed Paid Search campaigns across a variety of industries, both B2B and B2C. Through continuous study and application, Gabriela has developed an outstanding ability to maximise PPC returns, making her an excellent asset to E-Web Marketing and our clients.

Make Smarter Decisions with Google Analytics Data in AdWords

by Gabriela Serrano December 13, 2012 Pay Per Click (PPC)
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Recently, Google made it possible to import Google Analytics data into AdWords. After importing the data, AdWords users are able to directly see Google Analytics metrics such as: Bounce Rate, Pages per Visit, Average Visit Duration (seconds) and even the Percentage of New Visits at the campaign, ad group and keyword levels. While this information has been [...]

Google Tag Manager: How Marketing People Can Stop Annoying IT People

by Gabriela Serrano November 30, 2012 Industry News
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Dear Online Marketer: Does your IT department hide from you when you want them to implement yet another new website tracking code? Does IT think that tracking codes are a low priority, or that installing them will break the website, so you have to wait for weeks or even months before anything gets done? And [...]

Study Shows Paid Search Ads Drive In-Store Sales

by Gabriela Serrano January 27, 2012 Pay Per Click (PPC)

Paid search engine ads drive not only online sales, but in-store sales as well, according to a recent study by marketing analytics platform RevTrax. Summary The study covered millions of transactions conducted over a 2 year period across hundreds of merchant outlets, focusing on purchases generated from paid search ads. When a paid search ad was showed to a consumer, [...]

How to Go Mobile with Paid Search

by Gabriela Serrano January 23, 2012 Pay Per Click (PPC)

As you may know, mobile search is growing, and it is growing fast. Mobile searches have quadrupled since 2010. Moreover, 50% of mobile searches lead to purchase, either online or in store. In the Australian market, 26% of smartphone users have made a purchase over their devices. More and more people are doing mobile searches for information, [...]

How to Use Negative Keywords with PPC

by Gabriela Serrano December 15, 2011 Pay Per Click (PPC)

Negative keywords are a core component of a successful PPC campaign. By including the right negative keywords to better target your audience, you will generate more qualified traffic, increase your Click through Rate, and therefore lower your Cost per Click. However, if used incorrectly, negative keywords can deprive your website of a huge amount of relevant traffic. Negative Keywords Checklist For [...]

All About the AdWords Geographic Performance Report

by Gabriela Serrano November 14, 2011 Pay Per Click (PPC)

The Geographic Performance Report allows you to look at your campaign’s performance in different geographic regions. You can access it in the Google AdWords interface under the Dimensions tab. You can break down the report data by Country, Region and Town/City. You can also customise the information you want to see for each region: Impressions, Click Though Rate, [...]

Changes in Location Targeting for AdWords

by Gabriela Serrano November 1, 2011 Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you have a location-based business, or a business with multiple area branches, you’ll know how crucial location targeting is for the success of your Pay Per Click campaigns. Ready for some good news? Location targeting became easier today, with Google’s update to the Location Targeting Settings in AdWords: the location targeting feature is now connected to Google Maps! [...]

Google AdWords for Video to Hit YouTube

by Gabriela Serrano October 4, 2011 Video Marketing

Exciting news! YouTube is set to launch soon a beta trial of Google AdWords for Video. This tool will simplify running online video ad campaigns, by allowing advertisers to use a dynamic, auction-based platform to place and manage ads on both YouTube and the Google Display Network. In the new platform, advertisers will be able to one [...]

AdWords Editor Version 9.5 Now Released

by Gabriela Serrano September 1, 2011 Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google AdWords has finally launched AdWords Editor Version 9.5 for both Windows and Mac computers. Read on to find out more about the most relevant updates. 1. Campaign Experiments This feature was only available through Google AdWords before. Now, it has been incorporated into AdWords Editor. The feature allows you to apply and edit an [...]

Are Your Paid Ads Cannibalising Your Organic Traffic?

by Gabriela Serrano August 23, 2011 Pay Per Click (PPC)

Ever wondered if having a paid search ad campaign running detracts from the traffic that might have otherwise clicked on your free organic results? Google statisticians have recently run studies on over 400 paused Google AdWords campaigns to try to answer this question. The quick answer is no. After observing organic click-through volume in the absence of paid search ads, Google theoreticians built [...]

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