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Still “Pinterested”? Why Not “Fancy” It and Buy Directly?

by Special Guest June 14, 2012 Social Media Marketing

It’s been a few months since the the first time Pinterest‘s exponential traffic growth started to gain media attention and prompted thousands of businesses to jump in to this new social platform. Pinterest has shown itself to be an excellent channel for raising brand awareness and even a decent channel for driving website traffic. However, it’s not [...]

The Bing Overhaul: Less Finding, More Doing

by Special Guest May 15, 2012 Industry News

Microsoft recently announced that its search engine Bing will soon go live with some major changes. A few of the more noteworthy updates for what Microsoft has dubbed “the New Bing” include a new sidebar, a snapshot of related information, and improved search results. The Sidebar A collapsible right sidebar shows looping social results. From here you’re able to [...]

Hangouts on Air for all Google+ members

by Special Guest May 8, 2012 Industry News
Thumbnail image for Hangouts on Air for all Google+ members

Late last year Google announced Hangouts on Air for a limited number of Google + users, allowing them to broadcast live video to friends and fans worldwide. This week it was announced that this feature is now available to all Google+ users around the globe.  You’re able to broadcast publicly via Google+, YouTube or directly from your website. [...]

Get Your Business Ready for Facebook Timeline

by Special Guest March 13, 2012 Social Media Marketing

In case you haven’t heard, the Facebook Timeline is becoming mandatory for all business Pages by the end of this month. The Timeline layout puts stronger emphasis on personalisation via the Milestones feature, and encourages businesses to make their pages more engaging through posting visually rich content. Let’s look at some of the major differences [...]

How to Transfer Your SEO to a New Website

by Special Guest February 27, 2012 SEO

How can you ensure that your website’s SEO rankings and organic traffic aren’t lost when you’re getting a new website developed? It’s a question we get often from clients, and with valid reason – nobody wants to see their hard-won SEO gains get wiped away. So we’ve come up with a list of essentials that [...]

Valentine’s Day Spending Online

by Special Guest February 14, 2012 Industry News

How much is your Valentine worth to you? $10? $20? $100? If you are like many others this year, you might be looking to save a buck or 99 by shopping online. According to the infographic below, online spending for this special day has been steadily increasing: 16.3% (2010) 18.1% (2011) 19.3% (predicted 2012) Traditional bricks-and-mortar stores [...]

Google Paying You to Give Up Your Privacy?

by Special Guest February 10, 2012 Industry News

Google has just launched (albeit quietly) another initiative aimed at further delving into web users’ browing habits, with the introduction of Screenwise. This is what the search engine company has to say to would-be participants in this new opt-in program: You’ll add a browser extension that will share with Google the sites you visit and [...]

Google Rakes in $37.9 Billion in Revenue for 2011

by Special Guest February 8, 2012 Industry News

Google made a whopping $37.9billion in revenues over 2011, with 96% of that revenue generating from advertising, despite revenue falling $300 million short of analyst expectations for the final quarter.   Top 5 Industries That Spent the Most on Google Ads 2011 Finance & Insurance – $4.0 billion Retailers & General Merchandise – $2.8 billion [...]

Sitemaps Update in Google Webmaster Tools

by Special Guest February 1, 2012 SEO

Google recently updated the Sitemaps section of Webmaster Tools to be more user-friendly and provide clearer, more detailed information. If you haven’t heard of  Webmaster Tools before, it is a free platform that identifies and suggests solutions for technical problems on your website, reporting on aspects like page speed, search engine rankings, and duplicate content. This [...]

Why Page Layout Matters to Google

by Special Guest January 30, 2012 SEO

Earlier this month, Google confirmed that page layout is now a ranking factor for its search engine. The update is one of over 500 improvements to Google’s ranking algorithm that are being rolled out in 2012. Why would Google elevate page layout to official ranking factor status? Consider the following scenario: You’re using Google to try [...]

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