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Shawn has a simple mission, make the world a bit more exciting every day, and leave people with no excuses to be bored, that's why he moved into digital marketing where everyone is happy and excited every day

Every Page a Landing Page!

by Shawn Powrie January 13, 2014 SEO
Why every page is a landing page thumbnail

Here’s a fun little exercise for you to try: Take your website (regardless of the nature of the site) and perform a site crawl using a tool like Screaming Frog. Once your crawl has run, pick a page at random to analyse. I’ll use our own company site as an example. After crawling, we [...]

The Heart of SEO

by Shawn Powrie January 6, 2014 SEO
The Heart of SEO

The topic of ┬áSEO is an eternal cause for buzz and discussion – ┬ásomething you read about SEO two or three years ago may not be valid today. SEO strategies evolve quickly, are highly mercurial, and are often complex. You need only venture to blogs and forums to view the variety of endless discussions, research, [...]