Only Good News In Bad News For Online Retailers

Only Good News In Bad News For Online Retailers

Being stuck inside over the three day long weekend here in Sydney, due to the continual bad weather, has caused me to think about whether or not there would be any substantial correlation between the weather and the level of online E-commerce sales.

I know I am personally inclined to spend more time online and more importantly feel that I can get my weekend fill of excitement through online purchases when the weather is dull. Also I know from experience that the amount of people in major department stores is reduced with bad weather, I am sure these people don’t simply stop making purchases during this time and instead make the transition to buying online.

In my search for information I have stumbled upon quite a substantial amount of data. From looking through countless sites statistics and searching the internet for related articles there seems to be a lot of strong supporting data. In June 2008 Hitwise reported that with e-commerce sites, sales increased by an average of 17 percent in extended periods of bad weather. They also report that there are increases in traffic on news, weather and travel sectors.

In short there is only good news in bad news for online retailers.

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