Bing Searches Increase, But Will It Last?

Bing Searches Increase, But Will It Last?

This time last Friday I was at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney; getting ready to see what Yahoo! Search Marketing and ninemsn had for us in their “Get better Bing for your buck” event. I didn’t have any big expectations because we all know the uphill battle for Yahoo & MSN to compete against the search engine giant Google.

We heard from presenters:

* Alex Parsons, Director of MSN products, ninemsn
* Willie Pang, Managing Director, Yahoo! Search Marketing Australia & New Zealand
* Claire Seldon, Sales Director, Yahoo! Search Marketing Australia & New Zealand

They presented their goals for the next 2 to 3 years along with what made Bing different from anything else we’ve seen. Some of the interesting things noted were:

* Bing aims to be more than just a search engine, where it actually helps you make decisions
* 2-3 years goal is to have 20% market share, where they are currently at 14%
* 90% of users engaged with Bing ads
* Bing receives more attention to its PPC ads than Google does (42% vs 28% respectively)
* They expect in the next 12 months, that there will be an increase of 1% in searches, which equates to 20% more queries for your existing PPC campaigns

The latest stats from the US this week shows that Bing is growing, but not enough. “Bing lost market share in June even as it handled more search queries, according to Hitwise, showing the size of the hill Microsoft has to climb.

Google remained the overwhelming favorite among search engines with 74.04 percent of the market in June — that’s up about four-tenths percent since May and nearly 5 percent from a year ago. Still, the number of search queries handled by Bing grew steadily in June, nearly doubling by the end of the month to 6.63 percent. Bing’s average weekly growth rate was 25 percent, according to Hitwise — faster than the growth rate of Microsoft search services (Bing, and MSN Search) combined.”

Only time will tell if Bing can maintain this performance for the months to come. For more info, click here.

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