Can Google Be Beaten?

Can Google Be Beaten?

Recent research has found that Google’s market dominence is growing rapidly, leaving its competitors with a rather steep uphill walk to catch up.

An Internet research company called ‘Efficient Frontier’ examined more than 17 billion impressions and over 270 million click on search ads running through its system and has clearly established Google as the leader of the Search Engine rat pack of Microsoft, Yahoo and Altavista.

“Google’s share of search spending was 77 percent in the latest holiday quarter, up from 71 percent a year earlier. The same period saw Yahoo!’s share dropped by 25 percent, from 24 percent of the market to 17 percent. Microsoft remained a small presence, taking just 6 percent of the market, up from 5 percent in the year-ago period.”

It was also noted that conversion rates where much higher in the likes of Microsoft’s LIVE search while Yahoo’s panama has closed the monetization gap. Interesting food for thought when running a clients Pay Per Click campaigns wouldnt you say!

Now let me ask you a question, who do you predict as the industry leader in 10 years?

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