Attribution — A difficult problem

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half. -- Attributed to John Wanamaker (But was it actually him?!) Attribution is one of the most difficult problems we face in digital marketing. Although we have an abundance of data, much more so than in offline media channels,...

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ewebmarketing-blog-Finding Your Keywords in a (Not Provided) World

Finding Your Keywords in a (Not Provided) World

Since Google made all Google searches secure on September 23, 2013, "not provided" results in Google Analytics makes up a significant average of 80.14% keyword data. This figure is predicted by many in the SEO world to reach 100% in the near future. For many marketers, this means being unable to: Find...

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ewebmarketing-blog-Google Universal Analytics The Guide to Understanding Your Users

Google Universal Analytics: The Guide to Understanding Your Users

Every website will soon need to update their classic Google Analytics to Google's Universal Analytics. The new tracking properties, which were released as a trial in October 2012, are now available to all accounts and is set to improve the way website managers track and analyse user metrics. What is Universal...

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Understanding Your Visitors

After looking at the interesting "The Browser You Loved to Hate" campaign by Microsoft featuring the "You Grew Up, So Did We" slogan, I decided to install Internet Explorer 10 on my office PC. I've never really been a fan of Microsoft's browser but am always keen to see the...

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How To Prove Your Content Works

Conversions are complicated creatures. They come from a wide variety of sources and no two are exactly the same. Understanding the thought process behind a conversion can be daunting, as each visitor has their own unique needs and requirements before they will take that final step to become a customer...

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How To Improve Your Bounce Rate In 15 Seconds

Bounce Rate is one of the most important metrics in Google Analytics. It's a measure of how many people leave your site wanting nothing to do with it - or, as Analytics guru Avinash Kaushik puts it: "I came, I puked, I left". You should definitely keep an eye on...

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AdWords & Analytics: Amazing Bedfellows

Google AdWords and Analytics are  two of the  most widely used Google products, with many businesses utilising both platforms to help them run and understand the results of their online marketing. Sometimes a business will engage one consultant or company to manage its AdWords account, and another to look after its...

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Finding Actionable Data in Analytics

Trying to find actionable data in Google Analytics can be quite daunting. By default we're shown the absolute extremes in performance. The top performing keywords/pages/sources first, and the worst performers last. And the worst performers are are almost always once-off occurrences (or outliers, if you will) that don't drive much traffic. For instance, a 100%...

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What Your Business Can Learn from Manchester City FC

I have to start off this post by making an admission. I'm a sports tragic, I spend far too much time and money in following professional sports teams, specifically the Wests Tigers and Bayern Munchen. In keeping with the theme of wasting time, I came across this article from Manchester City...

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