Making the Transition to the New Google Analytics

by Special Guest November 10, 2011 Analytics
Making the transition to the new Google Analytics

Over the last 6 months, Google has slowly added features to the new version of Google Analytics, and after finally allowing users to export report files into PDF format, there aren’t many arguments left for staying with the old version. The question on the minds of many frequent users has been: When do I make the switch? Well, [...]

Flow Visualisations for Google Analytics

by Annie Nguyen November 2, 2011 Analytics
Thumbnail image for Flow Visualisations for Google Analytics

Google Analytics introduced Visitors Flow last week, a tool for creating interactive flow graphs that represent how visitors “flow” through your website. These convenient visualisations of the Visitor Path report make it much easier to segment user behaviour and optimise the visitor experience. Another tool added was Goal Flow, which does the same thing with your website’s goals. About Visitors Flow Visitors Flow creates flow [...]

Google Analytics: Non-Interaction Event Tracking

by Special Guest October 27, 2011 Analytics
Thumbnail image for Google Analytics: Non-Interaction Event Tracking

Google has just announced a nifty new feature: Non-Interaction Event Tracking, which allows you to track events without it affecting the bounce rate of the targeted page. Normally adding event tracking (such as clicking a link) affects the bounce rate of a page, which in some scenarios can potentially skew your web statistics (see below). Now, adding the [...]

Social Media Metrics – Guru Style

by Special Guest October 17, 2011 Analytics

How do you best report on social media activities? What should you measure when it comes to social media marketing? With the ever-increasing complexity of social media marketing, online markeing agencies and campaign managers face a difficult challenge in analysing and reporting on SMM activity. As with most online channels, there are a plethora of different metrics and monitoring platforms to choose [...]

Google Analytics Real Time: Undercover Boss Australia

by Special Guest October 12, 2011 Analytics

Coming off Lorraine’s post about Google Analytics Real-Time, we found an ideal test-case to see the new functionality in action. If you’re a fan of the Undercover Boss Australia TV series then you might have seen Staging Connections, an Australian event management company and one of our clients, appear on the show on Monday night. In [...]

Google Analytics Real Time

by Lorraine Owens October 11, 2011 Analytics

I am sure you have all noticed that the internet is getting faster, and I don’t just mean just the page load speed… the speed of change and growth is also increasing. More and more people are developing websites and more and more people are choosing to go online to research and shop instead of going to [...]

Introducing Google Analytics Premium

by Special Guest October 6, 2011 Analytics

Data, data, data! It is very important that you track the statistics of your webste to learn about your website visitors. Google Analytics has been a important tool for personal blogs, small to large companies, and most websites on the internet. The current version of Google Analaytics is good, but based on user feedback, it’s not good [...]

Google Analytics – Venn Diagrams

by Special Guest September 7, 2011 Analytics

One of the best features to come out of the new Google Analytics (still in testing) was the introduction of multi-channel funnels. This allows the viewing of conversions and the different campaign sources that attribute to a goal in a Venn diagram format, making it extremely simple to see overlaps. The diagram shows just a sample [...]

New Google Analytics Feature – Multi Channel Funnel

by Lorraine Owens August 31, 2011 Analytics

Just last week Google released a new feature in Analytics, called Multi Channel Funnels, that allows you to see the entire sequence of actions a user goes through to convert on your website. Traditionally Google Analytics would only attribute conversions to the last click the user made to enter the website. This may be through [...]

Google Analytics: Improved Custom Reports, More Metrics, Custom Navigation

by Special Guest August 16, 2011 Analytics

The upgrades and value adds keep coming as Google continue to roll out new and improved features for Google Analytics. The search engine company’s web analytics gurus have been actively gathering user feedback on each new set of updates, and based on a lot of that they have come up with the following additions: Simplified Custom [...]

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