AdSense Reports on Device Platform Traffic

by Special Guest August 10, 2011 Analytics

A post on the Inside AdSense blog has announced a reporting update that allows website owners to track the type of devices visitors use to access your website. Visitors are grouped according to their use of desktop/laptop, mobile smartphone, and other mobile devices. The reporting enhancement enables site owners to develop website content that supports high traffic user platforms. [...]

Google Plus and Analytics: What Does It Mean?

by Special Guest July 18, 2011 Analytics

Google have been very busy lately with the release of Google Plus which is still being slowly leaked to the public at large. I’ve been using it since it was released late June and I have seen only good things thus far with many opportunities for growth and development in the pipeline. For those of you who [...]

Google Analytics: Now with Improved Mobile Reporting!

by Special Guest June 27, 2011 Analytics

Welcome back to my live coverage of the developments within the Google Analytics world as each week we are seeing the release of many new and value-adding features to the already-pretty-cool popular web analytics tool. This week I will outline the improvements made to Mobile Reporting, one of the latest developments in the new version [...]

The New Google Analytics: An Overview of New Features

by Special Guest June 20, 2011 Analytics

If you are not already capitilising on all the cool features available to you via the new Google Analytics then I’m here today to ask, what are you waiting for?! There have been many excellent advancements to this already invaluable tool so in order to bring you up to speed nice and quick and easy, [...]

The New Google Analytics: Page Load Time with Site Speed Analytics Report

by Special Guest May 17, 2011 Analytics

Google have continued to roll out amazing updated reports and aspects of their latest version of Google Analytics, now released to all users (as an optional). I have been following these developments closely and am bringing you the most recent updates about these exciting new features. The latest update from Google informs us that we now [...]

The New Google Analytics: Multi-Channel Funnels

by Special Guest May 4, 2011 Analytics

As part of the beta phase of the new and improved Google Analytics, there has been a release of some very tasty and sexy new features that I am excited to tell you about. The latest update released mid-April has unveiled 5 new reports in the brand spanking new muliti-channel funnels section which includes: 1. [...]

Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics – Is It Possible for Conversion Rates to Exceed 100%?

by Special Guest May 3, 2011 Analytics

Google Analytics has a very useful and informative feature by which you can track your site’s specific conversion rate. A conversion is considered to be any action that you want to record as a result of the user’s interaction with your website, These conversions might be tracking the percentage of people who visit your site [...]

The New Google Analytics: An Update

by Special Guest April 5, 2011 Analytics

A quick update here for all our readers who have not been keeping up with all the exciting new changes happening with Google Analytics currently. Google unveiled on March 17th at the Google Analytics User Conference in San Francisco some exciting information. A new version of Google Analytics is currently in beta testing with a limited [...]

Guru Analytics 5 – Quick Wins: Fix Your Top Landing Pages

by Special Guest March 28, 2011 Analytics

It’s now time to start identifying some quick wins. Today we can stuck into some analysis that experiments with strategies to see what outcomes we can manipulate and improve on. Our trusted guru Kaushik recommends that basic web analysis should start out with reviewing the performance of Top Landing Pages. Top Landing Pages show us which pages [...]

Guru Analytics 4 – How Much Do Your Visitors Like You?

by Special Guest March 14, 2011 Analytics

Welcome back to Guru Analytics! Next on our journey through the teachings of the wise Avinash Kaushik, we are going to find out all about how much the people who visit your website, like your website.  ’Like’ is a fairly general term, so we will be looking at more quantifiable and measurable metrics. As in, what percentage of [...]

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