Guru Analytics 3: Where is My Web Traffic Coming From?

by Special Guest March 7, 2011 Analytics

Welcome back to Guru Analytics, wherein we examine the teachings of Avinash Kaushik, and how his contemporary and relevant theories and practices for web analytics can help grow your business. So far I have covered how to identify your website’s goals and which metrics you should be using to measure these goals. This is your baseline and really something to which you [...]

Guru Analytics 2: What Gets Measured, Improves!

by Special Guest February 21, 2011 Analytics

Welcome back to Guru Analytics! In this post series, I’m working through breaking down some really cool, valuable and business-relevant Web Analytics theories, from the Google Guru Ananash Kaushik (fully Shik aye!). In my last post I ran through how to relate your business objectives to your website, enabling you to come up with a solid raison d’etre that will [...]

Guru Analytics 1: A Structured Approach to Web Analytics

by Special Guest February 7, 2011 Analytics

I am of the opinion that if you want to learn something then you need to go to the source. When it comes to Web Analytics there is one person that you can rely on for the most current, cutting edge and detailed information and insights into the complex and existential planet of Website Analytics: [...]

Online and Offline Promotion Tracking in Google Analytics

by Special Guest February 2, 2011 Analytics

OK, let me paint you a story. The scenario is that you are running a promotion for a particular event or time of year. You are using multiple avenues to advertise and promote this amazing deal that you have to offer your potential customers. Due to the mix of marketing channels you will be using, [...]

Free Google Analytics Education

by Special Guest January 19, 2011 Analytics

Besides this very informative and well-written blog post on Google Analytics, you can find many resources on and offline that will give you the education you need to understand your web analytics data. For the majority of you reading this post, I would imagine you are hard working business professionals who want to have a [...]

How to Maximise Your Landing Pages

by Special Guest January 11, 2011 Analytics

The performance of a website’s landing pages is highly important, regardless of industry. Whether yours is a retail site, a services site or a purely informational site, the ability of your landing pages to engage users is crucial to its overall success. Let’s get on the same page (excuse the pun) with the terms: Landing Page: a page in a [...]

GA Tips: Google Intelligence Makes You Smarter

by Special Guest November 22, 2010 Analytics

Intelligence is a feature of Google Analytics of which not many people are aware. The majority of my clients are used to checking on the standard and more common reporting metrics and more often than not, do not have the time to dig deeper into their website’s analytics to discover the gold buried within. This [...]

Google Analytics Goals FAQ

by Special Guest August 2, 2010 Analytics

1. If I have multiple contact forms on different pages, do I need a separate thank you page for each one? It is dependent on the goal. In most cases it is not necessary if there is the same contact form on every page. You do not need a separate thank you page for different contact [...]

Google Analytics 101

by Special Guest July 21, 2010 Analytics

So… You have a website, you have rankings, and you are getting little or no sales.  There can be many reasons for this, but what do the experts look for?  What are the signs? And what can YOU do to change them? The easiest way to track, monitor and analyse these above points is the [...]

Online Marketing Without Metrics? What’s the Point?

by Special Guest August 12, 2009 Analytics

Although there are many times a day where you would ask that question, the most important time is when you are examining the data you have collected in web metrics. There are a number of fantastic tools out there to measure the traffic that is coming to your site, the behaviour once on the site, [...]

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