5 Common Myths about Google Analytics

by Special Guest June 22, 2009 Analytics

In the past there have been a few reoccurring myths circulating around about Google Analytics, some of them very farfetched and some almost believable. With the knowledge and viewpoints of a few Google Analytics representatives from the US, this post will outline and clarify a few common misconceptions and ambiguities. Myth 1: “You get what [...]

Online Metrics Are a Must

by Special Guest June 10, 2009 Analytics

There is a old saying that goes something like “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”*, which has been used in business for a long time. It still amazes me when dealing with online marketing matters, people are happy to be ignorant in the results. Obtaining the metrics of your success is one thing, but [...]

Google Analytics Updates – Data Analysis Improves

by Special Guest October 23, 2008 Analytics

I am a massive fan of Google Analytics, I won’t lie. In fact, I probably spend too much time each day over analysing Analytics data. Today the industry is buzzing based on Google’s Analytics Update Post Adsense Integration is great for web publishers in monitoring how well the site is doing financially. However, for those [...]

AdSense Integrated into Google Analytics

by Irene Lee October 23, 2008 Analytics

In August we heard rumblings that maybe Google AdSense & Analytics were going to work together. Well we don’t have to wait much longer. AdSense publishers will be happy to hear that Google has finally integrated Google AdSense with Google Analytics, allowing them to see which pages and referrers are the most profitable. This new feature will really [...]

Finally AdSense and Analytics to Work Together… Maybe

by Joshua Hay August 28, 2008 Analytics

According to a post on Search Engine Roundtable their are rumours brewin’ that AdSense data will soon be integrated into Google Analytics for a site – saving AdSense publishers time and headaches when matching up data. Apparently the first post to crack the news has since been removed so this may well just be hearsay, [...]

Taking the Mystery Out of Web Metrics

by Joshua Hay December 14, 2007 Analytics

In this article from earlier this year Todd Friesen from Range Online Media discusses 5 metrics you can use to track the success of your search engine optimisation campaign. He uses a Simpsons episode as an analogy of clients being afraid and confused by SEO and struggling to come to grips with the benefits, as [...]

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