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Google asks Australian Businesses to Update Their Local Page, or Lose Live Listings

by Paula Lay February 11, 2014 Local Search
Google+: Update Page or Lose Listings

Many Australian Google+ Business accounts have received an urgent e-mail from Google to update their Google+ Places listings, or risk having to validate their account again. The e-mails contain the subject line ‘Action Required: You have 3 weeks to save your Google Places Listing’ and read: Hello,  Due to changes in Google Maps, we’d like to [...]

Local SEO Guide

by Matthew Forzan October 15, 2012 Local Search
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There are literally millions of searches happening online everyday. With the rise in popularity of mobile phones and faster wireless speeds, this number is steadily rising. In 2011 75% of consumers said they used the internet to search for a local business. Impressive stats, right? Backed up in my personal experience by the fact that [...]

Changes to Local Search and What It Means for You [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Paula Lay August 14, 2012 Local Search
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In recent weeks I have been writing on the merging of Google Places and Google+ Local search and the changes in Google’s review system.  Both changes have been brought about to improve the quality of local search results, but it may mean also mean that businesses will have to create a Google+ Local page if they [...]

Google+ Local Pages Now Available for Google+ Pages

by Paula Lay August 7, 2012 Local Search
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Rest in Peace Google Places. If you’re a local business and have been following our blog, you’ll know by now that Google Places has been phased out in favour of Google+ Local. This was made official by Google over the weekend: Hey guys, For those of you that have created local Google+ pages (with social [...]

Update on Google+ Local Reviews

by Paula Lay June 5, 2012 Local Search
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Last week I posted on the launch of Google+ Local Reviews, which has replaced what was previously known as Google Places for Businesses. Google has released videos for both businesses and users on how Google+ Local Reviews allows for a more social and credible experience for everyone: Google+ Local For Users: Reviewing Your Favourite Places [...]

Local Reviews on Google+ Pages

by Paula Lay May 31, 2012 Local Search
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We touched on Google+ Pages for local businesses in our ‘NEW’ School of SEO Workshop, held yesterday at E-Web’s Sydney head office. The question of whether Google+ would eventually merge with Google Places was raised. Search industry experts have been expecting this move for some time, but exactly when Google releases updates is anyone’s guess. However, just hours [...]

Why Google Places Wants Your Website Mobile Friendly

by Paula Lay March 12, 2012 Local Search

Local business stand to benefit from several recent changes to the layout of Google’s search results. For starters, meta descriptions (formerly pulled from the company’s Place page or  directly from its website) no longer appear in the blended results: Improving the experience for mobile users is one possible reason for this change. As previously reported by [...]

Free Google Business Photos – Put Yourself on the Map!

by Paula Lay November 11, 2011 Local Search
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On top of map directions, static photos, videos and street views for business listings, Google have rolled out interactive 360 degree views inside business locations. Users browsing street view in Google Maps will be able to come off the streets and get a virtual tour of the interior of your location. For example, users looking [...]

Exploring the New Google Places Layout

by Special Guest November 7, 2011 Local Search

Are you bored with the old fashioned look of Google Places search results? Do you sometimes struggle to spot the address or contact number you’re looking for right away? It looks like your troubles may be over, since Google officially announced last week that we can all look forward to an updated Places layout. Generally the changes of the [...]

Ads Now Appearing in Google Places

by Special Guest October 25, 2011 Local Search
Ads now appearing in Google Places

Google is at it again, testing away with Google Places, one of the few remaining areas which is not an active revenue source for the search engine giant. The team at Google are seeking to change that oversight, by trialing PPC ads on Google Places listings. Testing is still in the works, but as you’ll see below, it’s not altogether intrusive: [...]

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