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  • The Era of Marketing Holistic Strategies Has Come
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    The Era of Marketing Holistic Strategies Has Come

    Nowadays to be #1 in Google is not longer enough to be successful. To attract your customers and to persuade them to buy from you is not enough either. To be really successful your products have to become an essential part of customers’ life.  To do it you have to implement holistic marketing strategies. The more holistic is your marketing approach the s...

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    SEO experiment: high informational bias niches

    In a previous post the fundamental elements of search and intent were introduced. In that post we went through the three major types of intent behind keywords or phrases that people type into Google: Transactional (want to buy something) Informational (want to know something) Navigational (want to go somewhere online) Today this post will address the ...

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  • The fun fundamentals of search and intent
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    The fun fundamentals of search and intent

    There is a cool story told of a legendary American football coach Vince Lombardi. He had a ritual that he would perform on the first day of training. When he received a group of seasoned professional football players, he would sit them down and hold up a football in front of them: “Gentlemen, this is a football” He talked about its size and sh...

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  • SEO: Just Try Stuff
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    SEO: Just Try Stuff

    Recently a Twitter conversation occurred wherein @Hams38 asked John Mueller (A nice important guy at Google Switzerland): The first response that John gave was: I found this conversation particularly interesting because, while John Mueller knows a lot about SEO (he’s an authority in the space from Google) he advised someone to “test it with ...

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  • Are you using too many #hashtags in your posts?