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    SEO: Just Try Stuff

    Recently a Twitter conversation occurred wherein @Hams38 asked John Mueller (A nice important guy at Google Switzerland): The first response that John gave was: I found this conversation particularly interesting because, while John Mueller knows a lot about SEO (he’s an authority in the space from Google) he advised someone to “test it with ...

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  • Are you using too many #hashtags in your posts?
  • Social Media Marketing – why bother?
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    Social Media Marketing – why bother?

    Why would your business want to use social media?  Because if it’s done right, it works. You can generate leads through all the major social networking sites, helping you to attract more customers who you can impress by providing a personal touch, building relationships and driving loyalty.   All of this can be accomplished at a low cost without sacrif...

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  • Holistic SEO: it’s much more than just links
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    Holistic SEO: it’s much more than just links

    EDIT: three days after I wrote this blog article, John Mueller from Google was in a Google Webmasters hangout where he explicitly said (to answer the question “Is link building in any way good?”): That’s a good question, in general I’d try to avoid that, so that you are really sure that your content stands on its own… We do ...

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  • SEO Friendly Video Content