Conversion Rate Optimisation: Putting It All Together

Conversion Rate Optimisation: Putting It All Together

What makes a good landing page?

This is the question that I have been exploring in the last few months. I have written several articles about different aspects of web design that will improve the conversion friendliness of your website. Today, I am going to put them together and give you the one stop, five step guide to making an awesome, high converting homepage!

Step 1: Welcome
Use a short headline to do nothing more than grab the visitors attention.

For more on writing quality headlines, click here.

Step 2: Connect
Make the visitor feel like they have a personal connection with your company/operation with the right hero shot in the top right hand corner.

Find out how to pick a good hero shot here.

Step 3: Build Trust
The online world is still not a safe place for many people, so build some trust by placing a testimonial and other trust building informtion across the top and right sidebar of your homepage.

All you need to know about building trust can be found here.

Step 4: Inform
Once your user is welcome, connected and trusts you – tell them why they should engage in business with you.

I have written an entire series on quality writing sales copy, check out this as a starting point.

Step 5: Guide
If you have done everything right so far, a lot of customers are ready for the next step at this stage. So guide them with clear calls to action at strategic points.

The art of making a good call to action is dissected for you here.

The Takeaway
So there you have it – a one-stop guide to making the perfect landing page! Use the knowledge in here to make the most of every visitor that passes through your website.

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