Criticism on Microsoft-Seinfeld Ads

Criticism on Microsoft-Seinfeld Ads

A few days ago I posted that Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld were teaming up for a series of TV commercials for Microsoft. Now the first ad has been released to mixed reviews. By mixed reviews we mean a mix of different negatives mostly. Here is the ad itself:

Comments include:

  • “makes no sense,” from Gizmodo
  • “is about nothing.” from Seeking Alpha
  • “While this ad doesn’t really tell us anything about Microsoft or its products, it does tell us that someday computers will be edible. So there’s that. Gates is kinda funny, too.” from CrunchGear

I think right now is too early to judge this series of ads. Yes this first one seems a bit pointless and “about nothing”, however it has sparked a lot of viral conversation and hundreds of thousands of views on the YouTube clip I embedded in this post alone – not to mention the numerous other posts of the ad on YouTube and other sites. So if the aim was a teaser to start people talking about it and awaiting the next ad inthe series – than it has worked a treat. It also made me want a churro.

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