E-Web Marketing Goes Green!

E-Web Marketing Goes Green!

E-Web Marketing has some new team members we would like to introduce you to! They are our beautiful Kentia Palms.

We are proud that our client, Gaddy’s Plant Hire, agreed to supply these palms to our office and we promise to do our very best to help maintain them.


The E-Webbers were mesmerised this morning as Adam from Gaddy’s Plant Hire came out of the lift with these beautiful palms. The office has certainly become more lively with their arrival.

We would like to thank all the team from Gaddy’s Plant Hire for all of his help in organising the arrival of our new team members – as well as our very our Tristen who liaised with the Gaddy’s team to make E-Web’s plant dream a reality.


As you can all see, the office looks amazing and all the E-Webbers are cherishing bringing a piece of the outdoor’s into our office space!

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