E-Web Marketing and the 2010 Sun-Herald City2Surf

E-Web Marketing and the 2010 Sun-Herald City2Surf

E-Web Marketing’s very own Tristen Tan joined the 85,000 runners in the 2010 Sun-Herald City2Surf yesterday for the annual event. The weather on Sunday was beautiful, and after much preparation the big day finally arrived.

Tristen had spent months training and sticking to a very strict diet – and it was all worth it because he did everyone proud!

Tristen’s goal for the day was to run a personal best and he was able to achieve this with a great time of 69 minutes and 22 seconds.

On a more personal note, Tristen’s motivation for running in the event was to raise money for SANE Australia – a national mental health charity, whose work is centered on creating a better life for people affected by mental illness through education, research and campaigning. You can still make a donation here

His target was to raise $750.00 for the charity – however with support from his family, friends and of course his E-Web Marketing family he was able to raise $853.00, so we are all so proud of this achievement.

We are also proud to let everyone know that another member of our E-Web Marketing family, Lara Tamsett, a great client of ours from Ring-A-Box, actually placed as the FIRST female runner to cross the finish line in just under 47 minutes. This is an incredible achievement and the entire E-Web Marketing family is thrilled to be able to acknowledge Lara in her accomplishment.

Did you participate in the 2010 Sun-Herald City2Surf this year? If so, we’d love to hear about your success.

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