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E-Web Marketing Ranked #37 in the 2011 Smart Company Smart50 Awards!

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Last night Smart Company announced the winners of the 2011 Smart50 Awards. E-Web Marketing is proud to share that we achieved a fantastic result of being ranked #37! The awards are a reflection of the fastest growing Small-Medium Enterprises in 2010/2011, over a range of different industries and sectors. Furthermore, in order to be eligible, entrants have to show positive growth year on year, and also maintain a minimum revenue of over $500,000.

Growth for E-Web Marketing has not come easy with history of the company starting with very little cash flow and our founder Gary working around the clock from home. And while growing it is sometimes easy to get caught up in the day to day operations of the business. For an Internet company, it is important to always innovate and change, to be able to provide more value to our existing and potential clients.

Amongst the Smart50, Smart Company also recognises the Top Innovator, Top Exporter and Top Franchise SME’s for the year. All companies within the top 50 is well respected within their own industries, which range from communications, property and business, wholesale, and of course what E-Web Marketing specialises in – the Internet!

EWebMarketing - Smart50

To the Smart50, E-Web Marketing would like to congratulate each and every one of you, and are excited at the growth opportunities in the coming years for your respective industries.

As our CEO Gary Ng noted – “One thing I learned in the very early days was that while people respect big businesses they don’t put a lot of faith in start-ups” – but as we have seen overnight, the start ups are being recognised and it is well deserved.


's role as a Campaign Manager is to coordinate multi channel online marketing campaigns and strategies to increase traffic, enquiries, sales or revenue, depending on what the campaign goals and objectives are. Kevin has a passion for mobile and technology which has helped him become a leader in mobile marketing strategies, tools and news.


  1. Rich Lawson Reply

    Hi guys – just wanted to say well done on your award, you’re obviously doing everything right in the SEO/SEM world and I hope I can do something similar with my company in the future!

    Well done!

    • Matthew Forzan Reply

      Thank you Rich! Always great to hear from our fans :)

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