E-Webbers Settle In

E-Webbers Settle In

One week has passed since our big move and the new office is already proving to be a source of renewed energy and inspiration. Our new space is so much bigger that on occasion some E-Webber’s have been caught going in the wrong direction or going down the wrong corridor. There has been lots of reason for celebration around the new office from the first time one of our excellent clients came to visit, to the first staff meeting and even the first time the phone rang. The First that the E-Webber writing this blog is waiting for is the first game of foosball but unfortunately our foosball table was damaged in the move and is in need of some repairs before that celebration is held.

The move has not been without its challenges and casualties. One of our SEO Programmers, Peter, damaged his thumb in the process of moving a large piece of furniture. However, the same determination he has in his role at E-Web shone through and he pushed ahead and helped another team with assembling, albeit, with one hand.

The new office has certainly heralded in a new era for E-Web as a team and a company. We have a clearer vision of our future and the mark we want to make in the world of SEO. We know ourselves better and are very excited about servicing our clients even better than we have in the past. As the finishing touches continue to be completed around our new office, we look forward to welcoming our current clients here and many new ones in the future.

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