eBay Spotting: User Data for Spotting Trends

eBay Spotting: User Data for Spotting Trends

eBay has announced that it will be publishing editorial content, news on trends and a tag cloud of most popular searches currently. This is based on their sizable data set from its 88 million active users who search, buy and sell on eBay. Although this isn’t raw statistics, it still provides some useful insights. The data can be as broad as a correlation between events and increased searches for a term and as narrow as a comparison of a search for a Hall of Fame concert series.

Here is an example search made by The Inside Source:

For kicks, we decided to do a comparison of all the Hall of Famers participating in the concert series (there’s a second show at MSG tonight that includes U2, Metallica, Aretha Franklin, Lenny Kravitz, Ozzy Osbourne, Lou Reed, and more) to see which names popped up most frequently on eBay over the past week.

The results were pretty fascinating: in terms of keyword searches, Metallica was far and away the most sought after band among the bunch (more than 86,000 searches!)… Second to Metallica in frequency of keyword searches was U2 (75,190), followed by Bruce Springsteen (32,690). The number of search per artist dropped off significantly from there, with but Ozzy Osbourne coming in fourth (5,290) and Sting rounded out the top five at 4,570… The supply of concert tees correlates pretty well with the demand, with the top five live listings for the concert performers and the term “shirt” as follows as of this afternoon: Metallica (1,759), Ozzy Osbourne (327), Bruce Springsteen (376), U2 (680), BB King (61).

This new release trend-spotting data is definitely geared toward encouraging positive user activity, and increasing sales.

This maybe useful for internet marketers out there to target products that are not currently in their product portfolio. This includes specific brands and models that sell well all year round. Currently eBay offers a research-focused API which reveals some interesting pricing information for a given search term.

So as you can see, this is something that can be added to an internet marketer’s research tool arsenal.

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