Even Google Needs SEO Advice!

Even Google Needs SEO Advice!

It’s not everyday Google admits they need to improve their own SEO skills.
However – the day (and report) has arrived!

Google recently conducted an audit on its own website’s (including the Google home page) and it seems not even the Search Engine giant can master their own algorithm.

One of the biggest issues identified was Google’s current title tag. For those of you without an expert SEO company on board to explain what a title tag is, it is the blue line that appears on the top of every web page.

So, what did Google learn from this – they need to use more more descrptive words and phrases in their title tags.

Google even had images that led to “404 pages” (For those out of the loop, these are error pages that exist once the URL is obsolete).

Solution – any page that no longer exists should be redirected to its new location.

Now, let’s not get carried away with being too harsh on the Google’s SEO team though!

They scored well in regards to their internal linking structure, both from an SEO and usability perspective.

What can we learn about this?
Now that we have a bit more of an understanding in regards to the metrics Google used to give themselves this “improvement needed” evaluation – we needto be sure our website fulfills the criteria.

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  • Posted at 12:35 am, March 13, 2010

    he hee!
    that’d funny…who would have thaught thast Google will not have a well optimized site.

    Yoray Narainpersad

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