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E-Webbers Help Raise $80,000 for the MS Society and Oncology Children’s Foundation!

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Last Sunday, six crazy E-Webbers entered the City of Sydney Spring Cycle and helped raise $80,000 for the MS Society and Oncology Children’s Foundation!  Together under the team name Spokie Dokies they proudly cycled 84 kilometres (a whole 14 each) around Sydney Olympic Park starting at the Blaxland Riverside Park and ending up at the impressive Olympic Boulevard. Their team leader Irene, kept motivation high making sure no one was left behind or ended up in the Parramatta River.

After their hard work they relaxed in Homebush Park under the sun eating hot chips, chicken satay sticks and lamb rolls. After getting a little too comfortable they forgot about the ride back. Hesitation broke out particularly from Josephine who asked “can we catch a cab back?”

Relaxing after the cycle
Relaxing after the cycle

To make it a little more exciting Jeff and Matt lead the way taking an unusual yet slightly more dangerous route over three gigantic green hills. The team wasn’t too sure if Matt and Jeff realised what goes up must come down, as Matt only fixed his bike brakes 5 minutes before the cycle. The rest of the team unfortunately knowing this watched through nervous eyes hoping their mechanic skills were slightly better than their cycling skills. Luckily they were, they flew down with beaming smiles and landed safely.

Matt on a mission
Matt on a mission!

The Spokie Dokies had a really great time and can’t wait for next year. They welcome anyone who is up for an adventure to join them in the 2010 Spring Cycle!

Jo, Leah and Irene
Jo, Leah and Irene
Josh, Matt and Jeff
Josh, Matt and Jeff


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