Express CRO Tip Series #11 – Designs that hurt your website

by Amy Cheng on November 4, 2013

in Industry News

You shouldn’t have that there” – UI Designer

But we need it to sell ourselves!” – Client

Design is like fashion. Trends get picked up and carried across to our own websites, and some of them are great as they take user experience into consideration: large text, responsive designs, flat colours, fixed header bars, and large photographs. But unfortunately, some trends, like the dreaded horrible scrolling banners,  serve no purpose.

“Rotating banners are absolutely evil and should be removed immediately”. – Tim Ash

In this presentation, I share some not-so-great design trends that were picked up over the years that still get used today because they were once thought of as innovative.

I hope this sheds some light on your website’s performance so that you can create more user friendly websites – your customer will thank you for it!


  • SRD75

    Thanks Amy. On the topic of CRO, how many pages versions do you test in an A/B test? Just 2?

    • Amy Cheng

      Hello SRD75,

      It’s not about how many pages you would test, but more so, the number of elements you would test. Rather than create a test on a whim to just “see how it goes”, give it some planning. Think what do you want to achieve out of the test and then from there think what things need to be adjusted (or tested) to make that happen. After this you’ll find your answer on how many pages or elements you need to adjust.

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