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Express CRO Tip Series #21 – FREE Landing Page Wireframe Part 2: The “Newsletter” Page

Express CRO Tip Series #21 – FREE Landing Page Wireframe Part 2: The “Newsletter” Page
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Is a huge bounce rate stopping you from getting more product or service enquiries? One of the best ways you can receive more sales and enquiries is by leveraging your existing database!

Opportunities for repeat sales and enquiries are never too far away with our best practices to reduce your bounce rate and free conversion-increasing ‘newsletter’ landing page wireframe. By using our wireframe, you can work on building deeper relationships with your existing customers, and capture emails from people who want to buy your product/service!

Before using this wireframe, there are a couple of things to note:

  1. Be relevant - Strong and direct headlines that feature a pain point experienced by your visitor will improve the level of engagement on your page.
  2. Trust – Trust is a very important factor for this page, so feature testimonials, logos, or accreditations to build credibility.
  3. Conversation – All copy should speak to your customer, not be about your business.
  4. More than one way to enquire – Provide a phone number as an alternative method of contact.
  5. Easy to convert – A call to action should be visible on every screen fold of your page as the user scrolls down.
  6. Only have ONE main focus – The more specific the page is, the better it will perform.

If you come across any issues or have any questions about this wireframe, drop a comment below, and I’ll be happy to help you out!


is the head of Conversion Rate Optimisation and Design. Armed with an eye for analytics, she also has a background in graphic design which compliments the online marketing activities of E-Web Marketing perfectly - working closely with SEO, PPC and Social departments. Amy is dedicated in helping businesses increase their online trust factor and brand credibility. She often holds both private and group workshops to teach business owners how to get more sale and enquiries from their website. By breaking down the websites in details, giving demo of helpful tools and providing visual recommendations of changes to be made, business owners have achieved higher web conversion rates, more revenue and more engagement.

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  1. Pano Reply

    I have the following question:
    The internet is flooded with experts who recommend lead magnet examples for information products or service type businesses.

    What type of lead magnet can you have when you sell tangible products in the fashion retail industry?
    Thanks, great post, as always :-)

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