Facebook Asked by Mattel to remove Scrabulous

Facebook Asked by Mattel to remove Scrabulous

The makers of Scrabble, one of the worlds most highest selling board games, has asked Facebook to remove an online app entitled ‘Scrabulous’ due to infringing upon Mattel’s copyright.

“Letters have been sent to Facebook in the United States regarding the Scrabulous application,” a Mattel representative in Britain said. “Mattel values its intellectual property and actively protects its brands and trademarks. As Mattel owns the rights to the Scrabble trademark outside the United States and Canada, we are currently reviewing our position regarding other countries.”

User driven content as seen on social networking sites such as Facebook, will continue to see legal battles and turmoil due to the lack of control of what applications and content people generate. The authors suggestion? Change the app’s name and re-launch.

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