Facebook Given the Red Card by Del Piero

Facebook Given the Red Card by Del Piero

When the term ‘online fraud’ is mentioned – most would probably associate this with monetary transactions that occur over the internet. Now, as social media websites grow in popularity, a new type on online fraud is emerging. Online impersonation essentially involves ‘stealing’ someones identity and portraying them in an online capacity.

This is the conundrum facing the online media world. With millions of users adding their profiles to various websites everyday – who is accountable for protecting your online privacy?

Italian football idol, Alessandro Del Piero is facing this exact dilemma. A fake profile was created in his name on Facebook, aligning him with Nazi sympathisers. The years he has spent cultivating his image could now be under threat and he intends to gather a legal team to represent him and sue Facebook.

In the online world – where no-ones true identity can really ever be verified, what actions can the individual (without millions of dollars in the bank) take to protect their online image?

Although the internet has literally changed the world, there is another side associated with being part of the online community that is not always so positive but should still be discussed.

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