Facebook Rumoured to Release Mobile Phone

Facebook Rumoured to Release Mobile Phone

The latest news release from City A.M has rumours that HTC, the world’s premier developer of Google’s Android OS phones, is going to be showcasing not one, but two Facebook branded phones. The phones will operate on a tweaked version of the Android OS, and will most likely contain the functionality to incorporate Facebook messages, chat, and the ability to call your friends.

With this knowledge, could it be possible to increase ad air time by simply introducing them before a call is made? If all the data is downloadable from Facebook servers to the phone then this would become a matter of ‘converting’ the visual ads that are on the Facebook website to another visual medium presentable on the mobile device.

Along the same token, Mashable.com has reported that some of its users have noticed a suspicious ‘Call’ button amongst the new layout of the new Facebook messages system. This has some people wondering if Facebook is intending to launch its own online phone service to compete with Google Voice and Skype.

However, recent stats such as this report from Nielsen Wire shows that instant messaging is on the increase. Will moving into the voice space benefit or even be the right move for Facebook? Or could it possibly be just to claim as much user time as possible?

What are your thoughts on the Facebook phone and the possibly new Call feature within the Facebook website? How do you think it will affect your socialising norms? Comment below!

  • Posted at 5:18 pm, January 28, 2011

    Personally, I wouldn’t buy a Facebook phone but I would be interested to see how it would work because as far as I’m concerned, Facebook sucks on all mobile platforms. Yes….. iOS included.

  • Posted at 10:52 pm, January 29, 2011


    Thank you for your comment.

    Facebook representative Dan Rose, VP of Partnerships and Platform Marketing, has denied the rumours saying that they rose as a result of HTC using the public Facebook API in an interesting and creative way – it is definitely not a collaboration between the two companies.

    Still, I am interested to see what HTC can come up with in terms of a Facebook application that betters what is currently out in the market. When the time comes, be sure to check here for the news!

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