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Facebook Spotify Music Streaming Service

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Facebook is rumoured to be partnering up with Spotify, a music streaming service, to enable users to listen to music concurrently with their friends.

When accessed, Spotify installs an application to the desktop of the user, allowing access to a library of millions of songs. In line with some of their previous projects, Facebook is definitely moving to unify various sources of media into its products and services. If successful, Facebook will be the online hub for entertainment as well as social networking.

Spotify provices service to Facebook users
Spotify provides service to Facebook users

Consider the following

1. Warner Bros providing movies

2. Spotify providing music

3. Zygna providing games

4. Retailers providing deals

5. Friends providing news updates

6. Public providing Q&A

And this list could definitely grow!

Where do you think Facebook is headed in terms of everyday living? Will our lives revolve all around the online social network more than it already does? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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