Facebook Unveil New Tool to Extend Web Presence

Facebook Unveil New Tool to Extend Web Presence

At the annual Facebook conference for developers, Facebook has revealed its new features to extend its online presence and to maintain its relationship with recent developers of the popular social networking site. Facebook has also revealed its new design as well as “a wave of social Web sites built on top of the information users give to social networks.”

More importantly, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, believes that the future idea of social networking sites is to focus on the decentralisation of social applications. One of these demonstrated is the “Facebook Connect” in which other sites can integrate part of Facebook’s service, where¬† users are asked for their Facebook login details instead of creating an account on the site to verify their identity.

In regards to the popular applications, Facebook will concentrate on having more meaningful applications rather than applications that clog up the site. Applications will have to meet a criteria of being not only secure but also trustworthy.

For further details on the future of Facebook, please read the New York Times article.

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