Facebook Will Soon Launch Its New Design

Facebook Will Soon Launch Its New Design

Back in February, Facebook’s design team went to work on an overhaul to the 70 million user strong layout of the social networking site.  The action came at the right time, as the once clean and simple layout that attracted users and helped with the site’s explosive growth has slowly but surely become overrun with viral applications displaying all sorts of information and images in randomised fashion. The open development platform was a blessing in terms of the growth in popularity with users, however – like most things – spammers have begun creeping in and many applications are all but useless clutter.

The revamped design is set to hit user’s screens in the next few weeks and should be all about reverting back to a cleaner and more organised layout. Features such as tabs will be tools implemented in the new design to help achieve this goal. There is also talk of seperating the user-created applications from the core features of facebook – which would be excellent.  The clean layout and user-friendliness (that comes from a bit of conformity across all user’s pages) is one of Facebook’s largest points of difference against rivals MySpace who allow users to extensively customise and in most cases “uglify” their profile pages – so these design changes are a good move and not a moment too soon.

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