Gary Presents at CPA SME Day 2007

Gary today will be presenting at the CPA SME Day, NSW event hosted at the CPA Centre in Sydney. The event consists of six 40 minute presentations aimed at helping CPA members to take their business to new heights. Gary’s presentation will of course be on the basics of Search Engine Optimisation – what it is, how it works and some of the major Dos and Don’ts, along with some quick tips that can be applied to help achieve some initial results with very little effort. Should be a nice event – I’m told there will be mini-muffins!

Update: It was indeed a nice event. I personally, along with most if not all the attendees I would say, found the presentation by founder of Red Balloon Days, Naomi Simson to be most interesting and thought provoking. The mini-muffins were delicious!

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