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Global Internet Population is Now Equivalent to 76% of China’s Population

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Finally the internet population has climbed up to one billion in December last year. ComScore’ s CEO, Magrid Abraham, determines the population will double in a blink of an eye:

The second billion will be online before we know it, and the third billion will arrive even faster than that.”

According to ComScore, this figure accounts for all users aged 15 or over, accessing the net  from home or work computers but not users accessing the internet on mobile phones.

Asia Pacific accounts for the most users.

Worldwide Internet Audience:

  • Asia Pacific: 416 million (41.3%)
  • Europe: 283 million (28.0%)
  • North America: 185 million (18.4%)
  • Latin America: 75 million (7.4%)
  • Middle East & Africa: 49 million (4.8%)

China alone holds 300 million online users, almost the same as the entire US population. I guess we need to elect a virtual Barack Obama to manage this bunch.


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