Google +1 Takes to the World! You Prepared?

Google +1 Takes to the World! You Prepared?

Google has officially rolled out the +1 buttons across the whole web after the initial launch back in March. You can begin to integrate the +1 buttons on your website by simply inserting a piece of code from Google’s Webmaster page.

The idea behind the +1 button is to allow friends, contacts and the rest of the world to be able to recommend a funky new product, cool website or a favourite movie with a single click of a mouse button. As a result of this, the next time your connections search, the could see +1’s directly in the search results, showing them your recommendations.

This may also be part of Google’s ongoing campaign to sift out spam websites from those which add real value to the online community. Through this move, Google will not only be able to gather data about popular content, they may also be able to use this as part of their search algorithm.

What do you think of this addition to the search results?

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