Google AdSense Officially Launches Arrow Buttons

Google AdSense Officially Launches Arrow Buttons

On Wednesday Google made the official announcement on the AdSense Blog that the “next” and “previous” arrows that have been randomly popping up on AdSense ad units since late last year are now a permanent fixture. The arrows allow users to scroll more ads than would normally be displayed within the contraints of the ad unit and are said to increase the advertiser value and make it much more likely that a user will click through on your ads.

The theory behind this is that the ads displayed first, whilst being deemed to be the most relevant for your content, may not actually be what the user is after. By allowing the user to scroll along and see the rest of the ads they may find something more targeted to their needs, whilst not being as specific to your page content and thus you will gain a click when otherwise it would have been lost. This benefits both advertisers and publishers.

You won’t generate earnings for clicks on the ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons, but these buttons will help improve both advertiser value and your potential revenue. When users click on the buttons, they begin interacting with the ads and are more likely to find the specific offering they’re looking for, which can lead to higher earnings for you.

The official post is here.

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